IPAS, Researchers Decry High Rate Of Unsafe Abortion in Nigeria.


According to Ipas Nigeria, an NGO working for the advancement of reproductive health and Guttmacher Institute, unsafe abortion is a major contributor to the country’s high level of maternal death.

This was made known at the media presentation and official launching of findings of the study on The Incidence of Abortion in Nigeria, in Abuja.unsafe-abortionn

The research which was Conducted by Guttmacher Institute in collaboration with a team of researchers from the University of Ibadan,  revealed that Unsafe abortion remains a major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity and also provides the most current estimates of abortion in Nigeria

The study further reveals an estimated 1.25million induced abortion in 2012,compared with the 610,000 in 1996, despite legal restrictions of abortion law in the country.

It estimated abortion rate of 33 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-49 in 2012,which is greater than the 1996 rate of (23 per 1, 000)

At the event a researcher from the University of Ibadan,Dr Oluwatosin Awolude said most abortion results from unintended pregnancy called for improved contraceptive care.

“The Nigerian government and its local and international partners should improve efforts and expand and promote family planning programs as well as sexual and family life education throughout the country”,he said.

“Efforts should focus on providing modern and less invasive methods of post abortion care, such as manual vacuum aspiration ,misoprostol and training of health personnel to provide prompt care for women suffering from complications of unsafe abortion procedures”, she said.

ms-hauwa-shekarauThe Country Director of IPAS, Hauwa Shekarau, observed that the high prevalence of abortions in the country  endangered women with pain, infections and in some cases death.

She called for the review and legalisation of abortion laws for women who have genuine cases like rape, incest and health conditions that can affect their lives access safe abortions.

“Most women with unintended pregnancies will not keep the pregnancy while many of them will want to terminate it,“People don’t need to come out with their placards to say we want to have abortion and when complications occur, they stay with it because they don’t want to be condemned by the law”,she added.

Director of International Research at the Guttmacher Institute Dr. Akinrinola Bankole,said that unwanted pregnancy was the root cause of most abortions added that unsafe services are putting women’s health and lives at risk.


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