If your period started after age 12, read this!


Menstruation is the time of month when the womb (uterus) sheds its lining and vaginal bleeding occurs. This is known as a menstrual period. 

Periods vary widely from woman to woman and therefore starts at different ages. However the average age ranges between 12 – 16 years, even though some girls start as early as 8 years of age, this is known as precocious puberty. Some periods are punctual while some are unpredictable. On average, a woman gets her period every 21 to 35 days. A period usually lasts about three to five days.

A new research claims ladies who start their period at age 12 or older are more likely to live up to 90 years old!

womanA group of researchers from the University of  California San Diego School of Medicine did a recent survey by tracking over 15,000 women- who started their periods after age 12 and experienced menopause at fifty (50) years- for twenty one years and found out they were more likely to live till age 90!

Although, varying from a person to the other, an average girl will start her first period around age 12 with normal puberty in girls set from age 8-13. In recent times, girls who see their first period around age 14 are seen as late bloomers!

The study also revealed that the late bloomers will most likely never have diabetes and coronary heart disease and will most likely not be smokers.

The new study basically sums up the fact that ‘late bloomers’ will live a longer life compared to an early bloomer! The former will definitely lay claim to this if they led a healthy lifestyle, no?

What do you think of this study?

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  1. Christy Angulu
    Christy Angulu says:

    I started my period early and a over time iv I had one two and a half day for my period most times its just two days…and it’s been like that for 13years….i think it’s normal do you think it’s normal?

    • Davidson
      Davidson says:

      Yes I do, menstrual period flow usually is within a range, between two to five days, some last as long as seven days, but it is usually better to have less than more. So I think your case is pretty much normal.


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