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Last week Friday, several NYSC Corp members numbering in their hundreds passed out from the scheme, having successfully served their fatherland in different capacities. Even though most of them were arbitrarily turned into classroom teachers, several others served in both government agencies, ministries and private/non-governmental organizations, not to forget the very special category that served in the capacity of ‘ghosts’. These ones sought for and successfully found several means to evade taking any active part in the responsibilities attached with service, they were actually ‘served’ by their fatherland and not the other way round as it was meant to be. Corp members with cert.

Going through different social media platforms my eyes gazed upon timelines flooded with photos from excited Corp members who had passed out from the scheme. Their smiles extended from chin to chin, happiness radiated all over their being, some took photos of them displaying their discharge certificates, some were suspended in the air, while some others baked gigantic cakes fully decorated with all the emblems of NYSC.

Scrolling through these pictures, I had a bitter- sweet feeling for these young graduates, who after having earned a paltry N19,800 for the past 12 months, may spend another 12 months or more scavenging for non-existent jobs, thereby earning nothing but peanuts as financial assistance from compassionate family members and friends. Some may spend another 3-4 years job-hunting and indiscriminately sending out thousands of both hard and soft copies of their CVs. With time, they would forget their qualifications, abandon the idea of what their dream jobs used to look like, drastically lower the bar of the sort of organization they always wanted to work for, yet some others would be willing to work for little or nothing, some would offer bribes to HR personnel, while some may yet apply as non-paid interns at both reputable and non-reputable organizations. It sure would be madness out there, yes! Searching for something non-existent can be both tiring and exasperating. 

But the truth of the matter is:

  1. Many Nigerian graduates are unemployable! 

I know it would offend the sensibilities of many and hurt the ballooned egos of some, but I would state it still. Graduates who cannot spell, who have a chronic phobia for writing anything other than song lyrics and reading anything apart from sports newspapers, graduates who have a natural aversion for political news, but would rather watch Sound city and MTVBase, I mean graduates who still use social media platforms for leisure, spending hours obsessively uploading posts, liking and commenting on that of others with a total ignorance to the financial mechanics of social media and how it can be monetized for profitable use. I won’t waste my time, talking about the set of ‘ghost’ graduates who were absent from classes, hired machineries during exams, bribed lecturers for grades and cannot even remember the topic of their final year thesis.

  1. Entrepreneurship! 

“There are no jobs, tEntrepreneurshere are no jobs”, sorry I lied, there are jobs and they are multifariously and plentifully abundant. Let’s stop massaging our egos, Nigeria is still largely undeveloped and this portends a wide range of opportunities for as many as may want to grab them. Every problem is a million dollar in disguise. Money is just a measure of value, which means people only give you money in exchange for a valuable service or product from you. Now there is nothing more valuable than solutions, have you ever had a problem, mostly health problems? Can you still recall how you and your family had to run helter-skelter, spending money liberally, all in search of solutions? Well remember how much they charged you for such a problematic solution (although you may not know it’s problematic). What I am saying my friends is that we all should seek for ways to be self employed, create jobs and create a brighter and better future for our families, communities and country at large through problem solving. Actually we need these solutions more than you need the profit, so dear 2017 NYSC corps members, please don’t waste your time and youth searching for jobs that would eventually mortgage your future, but instead, invent solutions and watch your account grow as you put smiles on the faces of millions.

From original article by:

Onyeoziri .U. Favour

(Blogger & digital marketer, NYSC 2015 Batch A set)

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